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Meet the Team


Becky is Wildlife For All's director, having been part of our team since the beginning of 2000. She is responsible for interviews and training. Becky has extensive overseas experience. She is also our brilliant head gardener of The Oasis Gardens.

When I first got involved with this work, I realised that I'd found what I was looking for.

I am especially enthusiastic about training team members to be the best they can be. I lead by example and have a clear vision of what we need to achieve.

Visitors to The Oasis and Komsberg often comment that what we're doing is incredible and outstanding. I'm proud to be a part of this.

If you're reading this website and getting excited, imagining yourself being a part of this work, please contact me for an interview. I'm looking to expand our team with sincere people who really want to learn and do what is needed.

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Vicky has also been involved for a long time, since 1997. She has had years of managing our work overseas and her dedication demonstrates "service before self". You might recognise Vicky as our Goddess of Precipitation (see our film 'Rain Dance').

I've been working for the charity for over 20 years and in that time I have witnessed great achievements from my colleagues, working together towards a common goal. I've seen us get Oasis Woods and Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve, making ideas or dreams become reality. This has involved a lot of sacrifice, hard work, and re-thinking of priorities in life. It is true that attitude determines results and our charity is an excellent example of what can be achieved with the correct psychology.

I've pushed myself to be more capable in a wide range of areas, and my colleagues have additionally helped me through their good influence. The benefits of learning to be the best you can be are still massively underestimated.

Despite the world having seemingly become a "smaller" place due to improved technology and globalisation, there is a danger people will become even more small-minded and psychologically isolated. Learning to meaningfully contribute to a greater purpose than yourself is a solution to this problem.

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Jonathan has been involved for over 20 years. He is responsible for all logistical support, including liaising with businesses who kindly support us in the UK and internationally.

The word "unique" is used a lot, often without really meaning very much. In the case of Wildlife For All, however, it is very appropriate. Not just because we are "different", but because we are different in ways which are exceptional. I have seen a number of people get involved over the years, most of whom (including myself) were pretty average. Within a relatively short time, many of these very ordinary individuals were achieving far more than they would have thought they were capable of. I was someone who was riddled with apathy and yet, because of Wildlife For All's unique way of working, soon found myself genuinely making a difference.

If you are thinking of getting involved, this is - in the best sense of the word - a unique opportunity.

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Callum got involved with our work in the spring of 2018.

Over time, I have come to appreciate how remarkable the team are and how with continued effort I can become a highly capable person that can really make a difference. Letting go of who I thought I was has allowed me to begin defining myself by my actions, purpose and values rather than on superficial external factors.

If you are starting to see the fundamental flaws in our society, and actually want to change it, then Wildlife For All is your best option. You must change yourself before there will be any successful change on a grand scale.

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Niki joined us in 2015.

I first came across Wildlife For All as I travelled across London on my daily commute. I was immediately excited by the ethos of the team, but I couldn’t anticipate then the full impact it would have on my life. I didn’t dare dream that in less than 2 years I’d be standing in the back of a 4x4 with the wind in my hair and the South African sun on my face, spotting endangered mountain zebra and elusive eland.

Komsberg is a remarkable place. Here there is nothing between you and the awesomeness of nature. It’s a true wilderness. At times tough and challenging, it has no qualms about taking you to your perceived limits and then asking for more. But one gemsbok silhouette poised on a mountain ridge at sunrise, or a glimpse of a black-backed jackal roaming free, and it’s all worth it. This work is my opportunity to make a real contribution to protecting and restoring the natural world - a world that desperately needs our help after generations of damaging human interference.

Our team really believe in giving something back. My colleagues are genuine and inspiring and really want me to be the best I can be. Their practical, no-nonsense approach makes sense and I’ve learnt more from them in two years than in ten as part of the rat-race! If you’re looking for something more and the chance to make a difference, this is the team to do it with.

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Jess joined our work in the spring of 2019.

Before finding this work I thought I was who I was, a finished product that could never really change. Within 8 months of working with the team I am able to think bigger, work harder, and take a lot more on. This work has allowed me to get off myself, and focus on things with a lot more importance. We are all more than capable of changing for the better and doing more, but to push past your self-imposed limitations you need to rise above the smallness of day to day life and think big.

I am extremely lucky to have found something real to make myself useful for, and I am very excited about the future.

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Calum’s name had to be shortened to avoid the confusion of having two team members with the same name - so he’s known to us as Cal. He joined us in the summer of 2019, after finishing university.

Challenging but incredibly worthwhile, our work is an unparalleled opportunity to go beyond previous boundaries. By focusing outside of oneself, on what really needs to be done, we can achieve real progress towards something better. I have only been involved with Wildlife For All for a short time, but already it has been significantly different. I have worked harder and achieved more than I ever have before. The best part is that my efforts are towards truly beneficial goals. This is the most exciting my future has ever looked, I have hardly scratched the surface of how capable I can be. I am immensely proud to work with our team; each and every member is a credit to our work and an example of what humans can push themselves to become.

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Jamie joined our team in July 2021

After finishing university a number of years ago, I wanted to understand more about life and make a difference, looking for meaning in spiritual circles, activism and other "alternatives". Over time things made even less sense - the superficial nonsense of society was avoided and dressed up in bullshit.

I came across the "How to change your life" films on YouTube and was inspired by the exact, comprehensive, and bold content; no one else was saying it, no one else was doing it.

After considering what I wanted my life to be about, I got in touch with Becky and started to learn what really makes a difference and how to go about it.

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Harry got involved in July 2022

For paid work, I'm a referee for the Football Association. Before I joined this work, I would certainly give myself a yellow card, if not a red!

Prior to joining Wildlife For All, I spent most of my time doing what society tells you will provide a "happy life". I began to realise that there must be more than just chasing what "I want". I could also see all the suffering going on in the world and I knew that I was doing nothing about it.

Since joining Wildlife For All, I've started to understand myself more and how I can improve for the betterment of all. The work has provided me with a great opportunity to make a deeper change in the world and it has given me a real meaning and purpose. Everyone in the team really wants to help and push me to be the best that I can be. It was the best decision I've ever made to join the team and I haven't looked back since.

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Kathy joined us in 2014.

I feel so many people live their lives rushing after the latest distraction, becoming defined by their work, their partner or children without ever knowing who they really are, and what they want to achieve.

Since joining Wildlife For All, I have thrived on gradually becoming the person who I knew was always there,  but got shut out by conditioning. I feel freer, more alive and in control of where I am and what I am doing with my life rather than going along with the crowd, without stopping to use my brain and really think.

To anyone thinking of joining us I would say, jump at the opportunity! You don't get many chances in life to do something so real and as Jonathan has said, we are genuinely unique.

Any regrets? "None except that I didn't find it sooner."

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Iain is founder and former director of Wildlife For All. He is author of several books including Avoidance Doesn't Work, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, and Wonders of Nature. He automatically donates all proceeds from his books and wildlife photography to our work. We are very fortunate to have these skills which considerably add to our educational efforts, as well as bringing in much needed finance.

The key to our success is attitude. The "me, me, me" psychology is problematic and severely limiting in many areas of life, including nature conservation. We know this and we train our team accordingly. A willingness to give and give and give is crucial, together with self-honesty. We are straightforward in our approach with everyone. Integrity matters.

I had a 15-year-old Ethiopian girl die in my arms during the famine in 1985. A few pence worth of medicine could have almost certainly saved her life. I've never forgotten her. We don't waste money.

The Oasis and Oasis Woods, and Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve clearly demonstrate the reality of our words.

If you're disillusioned by the "me, me, me" mentality and want to help pioneer a genuine alternative, see our Interviews section and contact us.

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