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Work Experience

We are pleased to offer recent graduates a brilliant short-term opportunity. You can come and work with us at Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve, South Africa, to get six weeks' work experience. This opportunity is specifically for graduates who have already completed a degree in conservation, ecology, biology, or similar.

You'd be working and living as part of a small team of three people, including one of our experienced managers. This is a real-life situation in an amazing wilderness setting, with a great diversity of African wildlife. You would need to be reasonably fit, have the spirit of an adventurer, and want to help make a difference.

In addition to a range of practical day-to-day jobs, we'd also add to your previous education by explaining things that university courses fail to mention. We're pioneers in linking conservation with attitude, so you'd be learning life-skills from the best. As it says on our Introduction page, we're proud to be different.

Although basic costs will need to be covered by you, this is not a scheme to generate income for ourselves as is usually the case with such "opportunities". We genuinely believe in education plus the need for follow-up experience - not exploitation.

For further details, please email Becky at For a great overview of Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve see pages 110-157 of Holding On (see Book Offer page).